This web site contains programs and other odds and ends regarding the program Anarchy Online, created by the company FunCom.

All of my programs are "third-party" programs; I am not a FunCom employee, simply a player that has written a few utilities to help fellow players out.

Leetie the Pet Leet

picture of a leet doll

This is Leetie, my daughter's pet leet. She had a crush on leets ever since she first saw one rolling around, and instantly wanted a pet leet when she saw that players could have leet dolls in the game. So, naturally, I obliged. Now, the leet is copyrighted by FunCom, which means that they cannot be sold. Leetie was made from a pattern created by Dyotron; click here for the pattern. The only difference between Dyotron's pattern and Leetie is that Leetie's eyes are larger.
Since this picture was taken, Leetie has been joined by a smaller leet called Spotty, so named because of the tiger-spotted fur. I'll get a picture of Spotty up sometime.