This web site contains programs and other odds and ends regarding the program Anarchy Online, created by the company FunCom.

All of my programs are "third-party" programs; I am not a FunCom employee, simply a player that has written a few utilities to help fellow players out.


Please note that I no longer host the latest version of ClickSaver!

ClickSaver is a program that will help you find the item you are looking for when at a mission booth. It provides an easier-to-use GUI interface showing you the location and reward(s) for the mission. It can also be used to automatically sort through missions to find a particular item or type of items based on search criteria.
This web page was once the host of the ClickSaver program, but it no longer contains the latest version. Unfortunately I am not aware of the location for the latest version and can only recommend asking on the AO forums or the use of a search engine to locate its current location. Click here for a Google search link that may possibly help you.

The links below are for older versions of ClickSaver and are not compatible with the current version of Anarchy Online.