This web site contains programs and other odds and ends regarding the program Anarchy Online, created by the company FunCom.

All of my programs are "third-party" programs; I am not a FunCom employee, simply a player that has written a few utilities to help fellow players out.

About This Site

This is the repository of third-party programs I wrote for Anarchy Online. All programs were written in Visual Basic 6.0. I have included the source code for the programs when possible. You are welcome to download these programs and source code to use or incorporate into your own work with the understanding that you take sole responsibility and hold me blameless for any actions, intentional or unintentional. I prided myself on writing my code as simple as possible and to the best of my ability, but your use of these programs and code are at your own discretion and your own risk.

Please note that the Visual Basic Runtime libraries are required in order to run these programs. These libraries are included with the program as a separate installation file, or can be downloaded directly from Microsoft by clicking on this link. Please be aware that these runtime libraries were intended for Visual Basic 6.0 and may not be compatible with your current system.

Anarchy Online Inventory System (AOIS)

Anarchy Online Inventory System (AOIS) is a package of programs for Anarchy Online, to help the player create lists of their backpack contents. Simply open a backpack, and the contents will be read in. Once you've opened all the packs you'd like, they can be parsed into files sorted by quality level, alphabetically, or per backpack.

Pattern Matcher

Pattern Matcher is a program that will collect backpack inventory contents (similar to how AOIS does) and analyze your "pocket boss" pattern pieces. It will then create lists of pattern pieces that can be used to create a full pattern, along with a graph of left-over pattern pieces.

Chat Alert

Chat Alert is a program that will notify you verbally when a skill is available in Anarchy Online (such as First Aid, Time and Space, Martial Arts, and so on). The trigger events and the sounds used are completely customizable, so you can add profession specific perk attacks/abilities and use your own sounds if you'd like.


PetNamer is a program that will help you name your pets (in color if you wish), create macros to control your pets, and help you determine the best pet you can use based on your character's skills. The program is intended for Meta-Physicist, Bureaucrat, and Engineer pets.

Log Reviewer

Log Reviewer is a program that will parse out a particular channel in an Anarchy Online chat log file.

Character Profiler

Character Profiler is a program that will read in your character data and create files with your character's information. The program will create HTML files (linked to auno.org) with details on your characters equipment (such as armor, weapons, implants/symbiants, and so on). The program will also parse out your character's skills and attributes (such as Treatment, Brawl, Psychic, Sense, etc). This information is saved an XML format and also in a format suitable for loading into Nillian's Emulator program.

Please be aware that Character Profiler was a "beta" program, meaning that it never left the development stage.