This web site contains programs and other odds and ends regarding the program Anarchy Online, created by the company FunCom.

All of my programs are "third-party" programs; I am not a FunCom employee, simply a player that has written a few utilities to help fellow players out.

News - 09/23/2012

I decided to clean up the website pages and consolidate my programs into a more centralized collection. Once upon a time these programs were very popular as third-party additions to Anarchy Online, but the game has moved on and my programs are now generally obsolete. However, I wanted to keep the code available for others to peruse and adapt to their own needs.

News - 10/09/2006

I have an important announcement to make regarding my programs.
Due to time constraints, I have cancelled my Anarchy Online account. As much as I love the game, I've found myself spending the vast majority of my AO-related free time programming and very little time actually in-game.
This has actually been my situation for quite some time, and it hasn't really bothered me - I love the game and I love the community, and these programs were my way to "give back" and more important be a part of the community. Lately, though, events have come up "in real life" that I must place a greater priority upon, and I have opted to step away from the game.
Unfortunately my decision to cancel my account rendered me unable to post on the official forums, so I couldn't post a proper goodbye. Instead, I'll use this page.
To answer some questions :
Q: Does this mean you've stopped working on your programs? Will the programs still be available?
A: Yes, that's exactly what it means. I will continue to offer my programs until either the game changes so much that they no longer work, or (as has been my long-standing policy) Funcom asks me to remove them.
Q: What about ClickSaver? Will that be still available?
A: I will continue to host the ClickSaver program and have no intention to remove it, unless (of course) Funcom tells me to remove it.
Q: I would like to expand on one of your programs, will you allow that?
A: Yes. The source code for my programs is freely available and you are welcome to look through it and use it in your own programs and/or use it as a model for your own program. Naturally I would ask for credit where appropriate but I leave that up to the integrity of others.
I have been informed recently that there are "revamping" projects underway for at least two of my programs, and I think that this is an excellent idea. I most certainly don't "hold the patent" on the ideas behind an inventory or pattern sorter, a program to play a sound at a certain event, and so forth. If someone can build a better one then I think that this is a fine idea.
I do ask, both as an exercise in common sense and as a matter of simple integrity, that none of the code listed in my programs is used for anything that would exploit the game or otherwise violate the rules of the game. Naturally anyone willing to do this would likely disregard my wishes, but I felt it was important to make myself clear on the matter.
Well, that's about it. If you'd like to reach me, I can offer two ways -
1. Each of my programs has my email listed at the top in the instructions/README file. Due to ridiculous spambots I cannot easily list my email address anymore - I receive about sixty spam messages a day as it is, at a minimum.
2. I have an account at the AODev's Forum at aodevs.com. My user name there is Covenant, and you can leave me a private message. Additionally, there are threads regarding some of my programs there.
I wish all the players and the developers of Anarchy Online the best - I will miss talking with others on the official forums. I would very much like to return at a point in the future. Until then, be safe and enjoy the game!